How Much Does Commercial Cleaning Cost?

If you manage an office, entire building, retail store, medical facility, warehouse, school, or other large space, then you’re probably wondering what is the usual cost for an office commercial cleaning services.

A clean and organized workplace is proven to increase the morale and productivity of employees. And in return, this productivity can increase the success rate of your company.

So with that said, let’s take a look at the average cost of commercial cleaning and how to companies charge today.

The Average Cost of Commercial Cleaning

The number one factor that commercial cleaning cost depends on is space.

Usually, rates are calculated based of square footage, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

In addition to the size of the space, it also depends on:

  • Frequency (how many times per week)
  • Type of cleaning (light or deep cleaning)
  • Cleaning supplies (are you providing it or they will provide it?)

Let’s look a little closer at the money.

The national average cost for the cleaning of a standard commercial space is between $30 to $50 per hour per staff.

Now, let us understand the cost included of this charge per hour:

  1. Travel time to the facility (gas and car mileage)
  2. Company liability insurance
  3. Company workers comp insurance
  4. Cleaning chemicals
  5. Benefits that they offer their staff (to which you don’t need to pay for)
  6. Employee tax
  7. The actual labor
  8. Then on the higher range, they provide the cleaning supplies

Keep in mind, this is the hourly rate for “contractors” (1099) or for what commercial cleaning companies will charge you.

Also the higher hourly rate ($40-50 per hour) are for major cities like New York, Bay Area CA, Seattle, Atlanta, Miami, and others to where the living expenses are much more. In addition, if the cleaning require heavy lifting or construction cleaning.

The $30-$40 per hour applies to other states like Florida, Alabama, NC, SC, etc.

Knowing the national average is a great starting point, but it doesn’t cover the commercial cleaning cost of every situation or every space.

So, Let’s get down the details.

Commercial Cleaning Service Pricing Options

There are three main options when it comes to choosing your commercial cleaning service:

  • Commercial Cleaning Flat Rates
  • Commercial Cleaning Hourly Rates
  • Commercial Cleaning Rates Per Square Foot
    • One-Time Commercial Cleaning Rates Chart

Make sure you know the facts about these three types of commercial cleaning services before you decide which type to use.

Flat Rate Commercial Cleaning Pricing

There are companies that charge a flat rate to clean a commercial space. This is a great option if you know exactly what your budget is, or if you only need the commercial cleaning service for a one-time event or on an as-needed basis.

The flat rate is calculated after the company does a site visit, walkthrough, analysis of how many staff will be needed, and evaluation of how much time the job will take.

Here is a good guide for you to think about:


Square Feet Commercial Cleaning Per Visit
0-1000 sq. ft $118
1000-2000 sq. ft $150
3000-4000 sq. ft $200
5000-6000 sq. ft $225
7000-8000 sq. ft $400
9000-10000 sq. ft $463


Again, this rate includes the factors I mentioned above and depends if it is light or deep cleaning.

If it is deep cleaning, expect to pay a bit more especially if you are one of this property managers who only does once or twice a week cleaning.

A man wearing a personal protective equipment.

Hourly Rate Commercial Cleaning Pricing

Another method of charging for commercial cleaning service is hourly rates.

A commercial cleaning supervisor or manager will first need to visit the facility and analyze how many hours that they think it will take to clean your space per your standards.

On the hourly rate pricing, this can vary based on:

  • Time of day cleaning (3rd shift and weekends will be more per hour)
  • Will there be a lot of people when they are cleaning or will the place be empty

Cleaning rates of $25-$50 per worker per hour represent an average range.

 Most common light cleaning hourly rate charge is $35/hour.

This includes cleaning bathrooms, windows, floors, etc.

Per Square Foot Commercial Cleaning Pricing

The last method that is typically used to calculate the cost of commercial cleaning services is rate per square foot.

Naturally, the bigger the space to be cleaned, the lower the cost per square foot the company may quote you.

On average, the cost will be $0.11 per square foot.

According to PriceItHere, average commercial cleaning rates range from $0.07-$0.15 per square foot in 2019-2020. This price for sq./ft applies to office and janitorial commercial cleaning services.

So before you ask for a commercial cleaning quote, you need to really determine the size of your facility.

Grey haired man happily cleaning in the bathroom.

Other Factors to Consider in Commercial Cleaning

 There are two important factors that affect the cost of commercial cleaning services:

  • the number of windows
  • and the number of bathrooms.

In an office building, windows and bathrooms take longer to clean and disinfect than hallways, offices, or waiting rooms.

When asking for a quote, be as specific as possible on what you want cleaned such as:

  • # Desks
  • # Windows
  • # of Blinds
  • How often they should mop the floor

When it’s time to choose your commercial cleaning service, you should make sure that you go with a company who is extremely meticulous in cleaning. Understand their cleaning process, what chemicals they use and others.

Bathrooms are especially important in a world where infection runs rampant and can be picked up in many spaces, especially shared bathrooms, where many people are touching the same items (door knob, stall handle, flusher, taps, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers) and leaving their germs where they go.

person in rubber gloves cleaning tiles

Choose Citi Cleaning Services

At Citi Cleaning Services, we are proud to be your partner in keeping your workplaces clean and your customers happy.

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We provide janitorial and floor car services, pressure washing, and post-construction cleaning.

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Remember, a clean space increase productivity, helps employees and customers feel safe, and encourages cooperation. Contact Citi Cleaning Services for your free quote today!