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The exterior of your building or office is the first “first impression” prospective clients and employees see.
commercial pressure washing in Orlando and Tampa

Florida's Superior Quality Pressure Washing in Orlando

High-quality pressure water sprays are used by our experienced team to remove dirt, build up and other unbecoming layers of dirt on the external areas of your office. We also customize our equipment use and schedules to suit your pressure washing needs, ensuring that your surfaces are clean and safe and exterior surface lifetimes are maximized.Trust the #1 pressure washing Orlando and Tampa business.

Why Should I Get Pressure Washing Done Professionally?

Pressure washing can be tricky. Many often go out to buy their own systems to save on cost, often to have mild to severe property damage using it themselves. There a noticeable increase in effectiveness in commercial power washing units over residential pressure washing units. This change in effectiveness cuts through tougher substances where regular pressure washing can’t:

  • Fryer Grease
  • Paint Chips
  • Mold Caused by Sprinklers and Rain
  • Brick and Grout Pathways

However, both types of pressure washing units can cause serious damage in the wrong hands. Sidings, varnish, and grout can be stripped away slowly and start to  fall apart if not done correctly.

Citi Cleaning Services provides you with the best pressure washing service you can find in and around the Orlando area. We service locations across central Florida and beyond. Work with a company that treats your property with the care and respect it deserves. You can call us at (407) 809-8093

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