Floor Care Services

Professional Floor Care Services

Get a professional floor cleaning with a stunning finish that you can feel good about.

Help For High Traffic Areas

Office floors handle the heavy lifting in your office. They typically cover the entire surface area of your business and see the most use and traffic. It’s imperative then, that your business have a regular schedule of floor cleaning to ensure safe and sanitary working conditions for employees and customers alike.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Whether you’re certain of the floor stripping services you need or require assistance in determining the best method to maintain them, Citi Cleaning Services has you covered. Our floor maintenance evaluation involves consideration of traffic, desired shine, and floor type.

Commercial Tile Grout Cleaning

Citi Cleaning Services removes unsightly and unsanitary build up on all hard floor surfaces. Through use of a combination of steam, pressure, and extraction tools, we give your floors a long-lasting, thorough clean and sealing that makes daily maintenance between deep cleans much easier.

The Best Floor Cleaning Services for Your Business

We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services for all floor types. Speak with us today to determine what’s best for your business.