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Help For High Traffic Areas

Office floors handle the heavy lifting in your office. They typically cover the entire surface area of your business and see the most use and traffic. It’s imperative then, that your business have a regular schedule of floor cleaning to ensure safe and sanitary working conditions for employees and customers alike.

Your floors handle the heavy lifting in your office. They typically cover the entire surface area of your business and see the most use and traffic. It’s imperative that your business has a regular schedule of floor cleaning to ensure safe and sanitary working conditions for employees and customers alike. Citi Cleaning Orlando can meet your tile and cement floor cleaning needs.

Today’s business customers, vendors, visitors, and employees are concerned with cleanliness and a healthy environment. If you allow dirt, debris, sticky substances, and germs to collect on your floors, your reputation may suffer. Dirty floors can also present a health hazard as someone could slip or trip and fall. Maintaining your flooring through our professional commercial floor cleaning service helps you to avoid these potential hazards.

Regular Care Protects Long-lasting Floors

Do you want your floors to last a long time and continue to look good? Dirt and debris can cause scratches, nicks, and chips. Certain types of debris can leave marks on the floor, whether it’s porcelain, ceramic, marble, slate, terra cotta, or vinyl tile, or cement flooring. Our first-rate floor cleaning and waxing services remove the dirt and debris and keep it from building up on your tile and cement surfaces. Regular commercial floor cleaning services will make your floor shine for many years to come.

Floor Cleaning Companies

Is Commercial Floor Cleaning Service for Your Business?

We serve many types of businesses including office buildings, hospitals, apartment complexes, childcare centers, and any business that has a high level of traffic on its floors. While you can find several floor cleaning companies in the Orlando area, we separate ourselves with our skilled and friendly personnel and high-quality cleaning products and tools to do the job right.

Floor Stripping and Waxing Service

At Citi Cleaning Services Orlando, we have several steps in the floor stripping and waxing process. First, we remove furniture from the area we’re planning to clean. Next, we remove dirt and debris from the floor by dust mopping. We cover the entire floor area, paying attention to the baseboard and corner dirt collection zones. When we’re ready to clean, we bring out the signs that say, “Caution: Wet Floor” and place them at potential locations for walking traffic.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we may do some mopping or scrubbing as directed. When it’s time to strip the floor, we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how to complete the task at hand. Our professional equipment and tools are the best available to complete the job. Once the floor is stripped, we clean the floor with clear water. After the floor dries, a wax sealer is applied, and the process is finished.

When we learn the requirements of the job and the state of the flooring, Citi Cleaning Services can offer a few more options for service. High-speed polishing takes the look of your floors to the next level with a high gloss shine. We can also do honing and grinding as needed. Marble and stone floors get scratched often. Honing smooths out the surface, eliminating the unwanted scratches and etches. Grinding also removes scratches along with adhesives and other sticky substances. Our staff can explain the processes to you in detail and make recommendations for your surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a commercial floor cleaning service?

Professionals know floors, flooring materials, and proper cleaning techniques, tools, and chemicals.  With our help we apply the right solution to your problem, keeping your floors in their best condition and making them shine. We often clean floors when most employees aren’t in the building so that the process can be done efficiently and safely, or we may section off a well-marked area to keep walking traffic out while we work. We can put you on a regular schedule, get the job done for you, and let you go about the daily tasks of your business.

What type of floors do you clean?

We clean all types of tile and cement flooring. We work on jobs with slate, ceramic, porcelain, marble, and terra cotta. If you contact us, we’ll tell you if we can perform services on the type of flooring in question. We can conduct a floor maintenance evaluation to take into consideration traffic patterns and desired results, including the shine level.

When does a floor require a complete refinishing?

Your floors take a beating every day. They get scratched, stained, nicked, and dirty. If neglected, they can develop a wax buildup. During floor refinishing, we rid you of these problems and leave you with clean, attractive floors.

How do you fix damaged floors?

We repair your floors according to the problem. We’ll examine the issues and determine which method is best. For example, some scratches are best removed with honing, while grinding works better in other cases. For wax build-up on VCT, only a complete strip and wax process will work to remove it.

Why should I use Citi Cleaning Services?

There are a variety of floor care companies in Orlando. We have proven to be the best! Our excellent service, trained floor care professionals, and high-quality products meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Give us a try and you’ll see why you should use Citi Cleaning Services for your commercial floor care needs.

Will you service my business?

We offer our floor cleaning, stripping, and waxing services to all types of businesses. We can clean anything from warehouse floors to retail mall floors to medical building floors. As long as you have floors that are tile or cement, we’re ready to help. Contact Citi Cleaning Services for a quote on cleaning for your business.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Whether you’re certain of the floor stripping services you need or require assistance in determining the best method to maintain them, Citi Cleaning Services has you covered. Our floor maintenance evaluation involves consideration of traffic, desired shine, and floor type.

Commercial Tile Grout Cleaning

Citi Cleaning Services removes unsightly and unsanitary build up on all hard floor surfaces. Through use of a combination of steam, pressure, and extraction tools, we give your floors a long-lasting, thorough clean and sealing that makes daily maintenance between deep cleans much easier.

The Best Floor Cleaning Services for Your Business

Get a professional floor care services. It is time to think about how cleaning can reduce the spread of the virus and what you can do to cut the risk of disease in your home or your office.

We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services for all floor types. Speak with us today to determine what’s best for your business.


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