Top 10 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Commercial Office Cleaning Company

When it comes to keeping the office clean, a lot of businesses have an important decision to make: should they add a cleaning crew to the company payroll, or hire a commercial cleaning company to handle those duties?

While there are pros and cons to both approaches, there are greater reasons that indicate outsourcing this work is the best option.

A commercial cleaning company understands every aspect of what it takes to not only keep your office sparkling clean. It also understands the extent to which a very clean office makes a favorable impression on clients. They’re also willing to work with you on the hours you need from them, what their tasks should cover, and what kind of qualifications you want their workers to have.

So if you don’t currently have anyone to handle these necessary cleaning tasks ranging from emptying the wastebaskets to vacuuming the floors to washing the windows, here are 10 tips to help you hire a reliable commercial cleaning company.

Top 10 Tips for Finding the Right Company

1. Do a thorough background check

When it comes time to find a commercial cleaning company for your office, it’s important to ask the right questions. Because you can ensure you get the best service available – and at the right price. Find out how many days they work and the hours they’re available. Especially if you want the work done after your office closes for the day and your employees have gone home.

Also, compare the cleaning company’s rates with others providing the same services. Ask about their hiring procedures, if they train their employees or if they hire experienced team members, and if they can handle multiple tasks or projects.

2. Ask for references from companies they’ve worked for

When selecting a commercial cleaning company, you should do a little research on their reputation. Check out their customer satisfaction reviews and the company’s overall standing within the local business community.
Find out who they’ve worked for in the past and how they’ve been rated by others. Were other companies satisfied with their performance? Would they recommend them? These are great questions to ask.

3. Ask if they have liability insurance

All prospective commercial cleaning companies should be able to provide proof of insurance and demonstrate that they’re fully licensed. You should ask to see their general and workers compensation certificates. Also, look for a company that hires regular employees rather than cash workers; they’re the ones that carry insurance against liability and injury if an accident should happen in your office while they’re on the job – this protects both you and the cleaner. And absolutely do NOT forget to verify their business license.

4. Make sure they only hire professionals

It’s important to ask how they hire their employees, and to inquire about the company’s hiring procedures and vetting process. You want to be sure that the crew they’re sending over to clean your office behaves professionally and knows how to do the job properly. You may also want to inquire about their dress code to ensure they show up presentable and professional – many will have a uniform and ID badge, which is good info to know up front.

5. Ask if they have an established cleaning process

You want to know if this is a well-established commercial cleaning company, with a history of serving businesses, a proven track record, and the ability to demonstrate they’ve achieved results for other clients. If a company has an established process, then they’re more likely to also have an established reputation to back their work.

6. Do they have a cleaning checklist for their staff

If there’s an established process, this will most likely include a checklist for their staff. Find out if there’s a standard task-list that each worker has to follow to ensure they clean every corner of your office. What kind of cleaning supplies do they use? Do they know how to identify and deal with trouble spots, such as discovering mold and mildew? What products do they use for the job? Do they use natural cleaning products? Do they have a list of areas to cover, including entryway, halls and stairs; kitchen including refrigerator; windows; desks and all wastebaskets? These are important questions to ask.

7. Choose a local company

If possible, strongly consider selecting a commercial cleaning company with a local office – and even better, local headquarters. This helps to ensure they can get a crew to you quickly if needed. It’s also helpful in the event you need to communicate with them in person – face to face relationships help enormously. You may also want to consider a company with local management as well; if the company is part of a franchise, their management might be located in another state and difficult to reach.

8. Ask if they have an MSDS list

Material Data Safety Sheets are an important part of the safety process for commercial cleaning companies. Any business that handles chemicals, even if they’re not considered dangerous, must keep an MSDS for each substance. This information is crucial for determining the chemical’s reactivity with other compounds – whether it’s flammable, and what possible health hazards could result from exposure to it. The sheets are printed in English, although the company could provide translations if the staff is bilingual. All workers in the company need to have access to those MSDS files, which describe the appropriate safe handling and transportation procedures.

9. Does the company offer you flexibility?

A professional cleaning crew will work around your schedule. If you need your office to be available for a night meeting, a cleaning crew can reschedule when they come by, including later in the evening once everyone is gone. Professional cleaning crews are available to work around schedules convenient for their client. That kind of flexibility saves you time and money as well.

10. Can they help keep your employees healthy?

A professional commercial cleaning company can do more than just vacuum the rug and empty the wastebaskets; they can also play a critical role in keeping your workers healthy. Professional crews understand the concept of hygiene. They can pay special attention to disinfecting common areas where workers congregate – and where germs build up. If one employee has a cold, then your cleaning crew can fight those germs and eliminate them. Once a cleaning staff arrives, bacteria and pathogens don’t stand a chance of spreading an office illness from one person to the rest of the staff.

Skilled cleaners do it all: furniture, desks, computers, carpet, and even the windows, and they use specialized cleaning products while wearing protective clothing. Your employees will be much healthier as a result of this attention to detail.


If you run a busy company, you shouldn’t worry about issues like cleaning your desks and common areas. Once the office closes for the day, let a professional cleaning crew arrive after hours to do the dirty work, so to speak.
Uncleanly offices can leave negative impressions, so this is definitely a task you want to leave to the professionals.

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