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Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

Get your commercial floors cleaned by one of the top floor cleaning companies in Central Florida!

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Lasting Protection for Your Floors

Your floors take on a lot of wear and tear over their life span. 

  • Scrapes from rolling chairs and moving desks
  • Food & drink stains and damages
  • High foot traffic

Commercial cleaning services from Citi Cleaning Service will ensure your floors stay protected and clean so you can enjoy them for years to come!

Why Get Your Floors Professionally Cleaned?

Do you want your floors to always shine? Are you hoping your floors will last for years?

One way to achieve this goal is to hire a top-tier floor cleaning and waxing service to effectively eliminate dirt and debris. This prevents buildup on your tile and cement surfaces!

Here are some BIG benefits you will experience when you choose to get routine commercial floor cleanings:

  • Efficiently remove dirt and stains
  • Upkeep health and safety standards
  • Improve overall appearance
  • Maintain a radiant shine
Professional cleaning will preserve and protect your floors for years to come!

Is Commercial Floor Cleaning for Your Business?

Yes! No matter what industry you’re in, commercial floor cleaning is for you. 

As one of the premier floor cleaning companies in Central Florida, we serve any and all commercial clients, including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Restaurants 

Treat your floors to a spa day. Gift them with professional cleaning care and leave them safe and protected from further wear and tear!

Floor Stripping and Waxing Service

What is the secret to well-kept floors? The answer is all in the details. That’s why our professional team are experts at detailing, including floor stripping and waxing. Here’s what you can expect. 

Initial Assessment

A trained technician will visit your site and will assess the area for the stripping and waxing services. This will focus on the following factors:

  • Floor condition
  • Floor age
  • Types of finishes requested
Once the assessment is made, you will receive a comprehensive quote.


First, the area will need to be cleared of any furniture. At this time, the area must be marked off to keep foot traffic from walking on the floor. This will keep your employees and customers safe!

Next, the area will be swept and mopped to get rid of excess debris and dust. 

Solution Application

After the area is prepped, a high-quality floor stripping solution is applied to break down and remove the existing wax or finish on the floor. This process must sit to ensure that everything on the floor has been loosened for easy and effective clean-up.

Rinsing and Drying

Once the solution has done its job, the floor is thoroughly rinsed to remove any remaining stripping solution. Then, the area is dried completely to ensure the wax will correctly and completely adhere to your floor.

Wax Application

Multiple coats of wax are applied to your floor to get the desired shine and protection. At this time, we can perform high-speed polishing, honing, grinding, and other benefits to keep your floors looking their best.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why use premier commercial floor cleaning companies like Citi Cleaning?

Professionals know floors, flooring materials, and proper cleaning techniques, tools, and chemicals.  We apply the right solution to your problem, which keeps your floors in their best conditions possible. Furthermore, floors are usually cleaned when most employees aren’t in the building, so the process is done efficiently and safely. We get the job done for you, so you can focus let on the daily tasks of your business.

What type of floors do you clean?

We clean all types of tile and cement flooring, including slate, ceramic, porcelain, marble, and terra cotta. When you contact us, we’ll tell you if we can perform services on the type of flooring you have. We conduct a floor maintenance evaluation that considers traffic patterns and desired results, including the shine level.

When does a floor require a complete refinishing?

Your floors take a beating every day. They get scratched, stained, nicked, and dirty. If neglected, they can develop a wax buildup. During floor refinishing, we rid you of these problems and leave you with clean, attractive floors.

How do you fix damaged floors?

We repair your floors according to the problem. Our team examines the issues and determines the best solution for each individual floor. For example, some scratches are best removed with honing, while grinding works better in other cases. For wax build-up on VCT, only a complete strip and wax process will work to remove it.

Why should I use Citi Cleaning Services?

Although there are a variety of floor cleaning companies in Orlando, we have proven to be the best! Our excellent service, trained floor care professionals, and high-quality products meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Give us a try and you’ll see why you should use Citi Cleaning Services for your commercial floor care needs.

Will you service my business?

We offer our floor cleaning, stripping, and waxing services to all types of businesses. We can clean anything from warehouse floors to retail mall floors to medical building floors. As long as you have floors that are tile or cement, we’re ready to help. Contact Citi Cleaning Services for a quote on cleaning for your business.

Floor Stripping and Waxing

Whether you’re certain of the floor stripping services you need or require assistance in determining the best method to maintain them, Citi Cleaning Services has you covered. Our floor maintenance evaluation involves consideration of foot traffic, desired shine, and floor type.

Commercial Tile Grout Cleaning

Citi Cleaning Services removes unsightly and unsanitary build up on all hard floor surfaces. Through the use of steam, pressure, and extraction tools, we give your floors a long-lasting, thorough clean and sealing that makes daily maintenance between deep cleans much easier.

The Best Floor Cleaning Services for Your Business

Treat your floors to professional cleaning services! Not only will routine cleanings polish your floors and keep them looking great, but they will reduce the spread of viruses and cut the risk of disease in your office.

Get commercial cleaning services for your floors. Speak with us today to determine the best cleaning solutions for your business.


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